Blogging Schedule 2018!

Blogging Schedule 2018!

Hello beautiful people!

I have decided on a new blogging schedule that I am going to try my absolute best to follow through with in 2018. There may be days where I can’t upload for various reasons, but this is my plan for the year.

Uploading three times a week:
Monday: Makeup Monday- anything makeup or beauty related.
Wednesday: Whatever Wednesday- Wednesdays will be whatever I want to post! I love organisational type things, DIY’s, and everything in between so Wednesdays will be fun! 🙂
Friday: Fitness/Fashion Friday- Alternating Fridays will be about fashion and fitness as I am into both of these things and want to showcase both of these topics on my blog.

This is my schedule for 2018! I am so super excited to begin to blog a lot more than I have recently as this is a real passion of mine!

Please comment, like, and follow my blog to hear more from me! I always respond to comments 🙂

Stay cool & stay tuned,
Danielle xxxx

Morphe 35F Palette Review! <3

Morphe 35F Palette Review! <3

2018! Wow, cannot believe how quickly 2017 flew by. It was one of the greatest years of my life, but I am ready and willing to make 2018 the best year of my life YET! 

To start off the year, I am going to go back to writing about what I love, makeup! I will be reviewing so much more makeup this year which I am really looking forward to. I really want to grow my account and make it the best it can, as I think of it as an outlet, and something fun to do. I also would love to start writing about cold cases of missing persons, or people whom have been sadly killed, with no outcome, will you be interested in that? Who knows what the future will bring, but I am excited to write more, and interact more with you all 🙂

So, to start off the year with a bang, I am going to talk about my new Morphe palette!
Now, I am so incredibly impressed with this palette I can’t even begin to describe how much I love it and use it and I’ve only had it since christmas! This palette has 35 shades with a mixture of mattes and shimmers which I think is awesome as it makes the palette so versatile. The whole bottom row is full of matte shades then the rest of the palette is shimmer, leading to endless amounts of makeup looks that can be created!

Morphe Palette x2
A view of the palette ❤

I have used a few Morphe single shadows before, but never been that impressed with them, however from all the positive reviews I had seen on the palettes I knew I had to get my hands on one! So I went online and chose my palette, and I am so happy I did!

The pigment of all the shades, every single one of them is AMAZING! Even the lighter shades are impressive which I am so incredibly happy with! I have used a lot of these different shades recently to create many eye looks, and have always been able to make it wearable, and not look like I got punched in the eye which is how it can be with some darker shades am I right ladies! The blendability of this palette is amazing and it is so creamy (is that the word I want to use), they just all mix so well together and look great on the eye, so effortless!

Morphe Palette x3
Here’s a few swatches of my favourite ones!

If you can get your hands on a palette, I 100% recommend! They retail for $59 on BeautyBliss, which I guess to me is quite pricey, but also so good for what you are getting!

I can’t wait to invest in another one! Do you have a palette? If so, any recommendations of what I should get next? Im thinking the 35T, it looks stunning!

So thats it for todays blog post, I hope you enjoyed the read and I somewhat persuaded you into trying one of these beautiful palettes at some point, even if you can go and swatch one in store, or a friends one, anything~ you won’t regret it I PROMISE!!

Stay cool & stay tuned,
Danielle xxxx 

Mecca Maxima Makeup Haul

Mecca Maxima Makeup Haul

Hey guys!
Wow its been a hot minute since I have last put up a blog, I am so sorry about it!
I am half way through my first trimester of my second year of university, and it is so full on- which I love, but it’s so hard to find the time to make blogs!

I am currently on mid tri break so I will definitely blog more, and I aim to in the future as well by making myself a little planner of blogs so I can balance uni, sport, and blogs.

Today I went to the Mecca Maxima opening in Wellington, and wow! It’s amazing! If you live in Wellington I definitely recommend going there, they have amazing stuff, and all the staff there were so nice!

So I brought 5 things today, in particularly 1 thing that I have been eyeing up for ages but never brought.

Josie Maran Mascara

The first thing I brought was the Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara. I had seen this when I went to the Gold Coast last year but never actually brought it, but today I finally did! It states that 94% of consumers saw an increase in lash length, and 91% said lashes appeared to be conditioned. This sounds amazing to me! A mascara that is making my lashes healthier as well as making them look longer and more volumised. The wand on this is really nice also as I prefer a silicone wand rather than one with the fibres if you get what I mean! Cant wait to try this!

Josie Maran Concealer

I also grabbed the Josie Maran Argan Creamy concealer crayon. I have never used a concealer that is a crayon before, and I am on the hunt for a concealer that doesn’t cake, but gives a full coverage just like a concealer should. As soon as I swatched it on my hand it was so creamy just like it claims to be and it blended out so well! I can’t wait to put this to the test and see how it goes!

Mario Bedescu spray

Next up I got the Mario Badescu skin care facial spray. It has rosewater, herbs and aloe and it smells amazing! After spritzing this in store I knew I had to get it! It cost $10 for the smaller sized one which is 118ml and I think that is a great price! It is so raved about online and now I know why!

Soap and Glory

I then brought 2 things from soap and glory, their hand sanitiser because it smelt great and was only like $3, and I also got their ‘clean on me’ shower gel which was $4 and smells great! I am the type of person who doesn’t mind spending extra money on skin and body care as long as I know it really does work and is best for my skin, so I thought I’d buy the tester size of this to see if I enjoy it or not!

Bumble and Bumble spray

Since I had spent over $90, after my cousin also brought a few things, I was able to pick an envelope off the wall to get an instant prize. I won the Bumble and bumble surf infusion which smells amazing! It is a mini tester size at 45ml but it will be perfect for me to try out. I have naturally curly hair so I can’t wait to see what wonders this will do for me! Once again I have heard great things about this product and cannot wait to try it out.

So that is my Mecca Maxima makeup haul! I hope you guys enjoyed reading!
Please like this post, and comment telling me your favourite product from above if you’ve tried any, and any recommendations you have of what I could buy next!

Stay tuned & stay cool,
Danielle xx

(Featured imaged credited to Mecca Maxima.)
Lush Skincare Haul and Review!!!!

Lush Skincare Haul and Review!!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

Todays blog is going to be a lush haul and review… of skincare. I recently got 3 skincare items to try out so that I could give an honest review of for anyone out there wanting to try lush skincare for the future. Personally I feel like here in New Zealand especially we all know lush for their bath bombs and bath/shower products and not so much their skin care, so I thought it would be cool to try out two of their facemasks, and I also picked up a toning mist as well.

Rosy Cheeks face mask $16.50:

This face mask is one that I actually picked out for a friend to buy and then I decided I wanted it myself! The lady in lush tried this on my hand as per my request as i was interested in the consistency etc. This is a mask designed for people that have more rosy cheeks, and would suit most skin types. I personally don’t have that much of a rosy cheek look, but I wanted this for the soothing sensation that it promises to have on the skin. And this is amazing! I can’t say if it helps with rosy cheeks, but it definitely has a really soothing feeling on the skin and feels really gentle. What I like about this is how you can actually build up the product to be really thick or you can just apply a thin layer to the skin and still get a nice smooth complexion. This retails for $16.50NZD for a smaller pottle, and although it can be considered as a bit pricey, I believe its definitely worth it!

Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask $16.50:

Well its safe to say I have found my holey grail face mask! This stuff is incredible! So basically its a face mask that is designed for your skin when your going through hormonal breakouts, but obviously it isn’t limited just for ‘that time of the month’. The gal in the shop said to me that she swears by this and when she tried it on my hand I had very high hopes! And those hopes were fulfilled! This face mask is exactly what it sets out to be and more! I have had it for 2 and a half weeks now and have been using it every second day to see if it reacts with my skin etc, and I must say, it hasn’t reacted negatively at all. It has ingredients such as blueberry and calamine to cleanse the skin, smooth it and also help prevent/get rid of breakouts. This feels so nice on the skin and when you take it off your skin feels incredible! And once you put on a moisturiser it is even better! It is sort of a weird consistency as it has blueberry bits in it if that makes sense, so it is quite thick and chunky…But don’t let that put you off! It is an amazing product and out of the two face masks I have I recommend this one any day!

Breathe of Fresh Air Toner $11.50-$21.90:

I also grabbed a toner as I ran out of my Nivea one from the supermarket, and WOW. That is literally all I can say. This. Stuff. Is. A. Must. Have!!!!!!! I’m not really a huge fan of toners and I can’t say I use them every single day, most of them go in my skincare drawer in my bathroom and then I forget about them…But with this one its different. It is in a bottle that actually disperses the product as a mist rather than a substance you have to go through the process of grabbing a cotton pad and putting the product on and then throwing out the pad etc. And this appealed to me the most about it, as sad as it sounds! But after a day of wearing makeup and working/uni the last thing I want to do before bed is go through a huge skin care process am I right?!
This smells so nice, and it actually has aromatherapy ingredients in it so it is soothing not only your mind, but also your skin too! I have used this every single day twice daily and love it! I use it first thing in the morning before I prime my face or anything and it sets into the skin perfectly without adding another layer of oil or anything. At night I take my makeup off and then if I haven’t done a cleanser or what not I will grab a cotton pad, put 4 sprays on and then remove any excess makeup before spritzing another few sprays on my face, but if I have cleansed or I am confident I have all my makeup off, I’ll just go ahead and spray it right on my face.

These are all such amazing products and I have for sure noticed my skin to be looking so much better than usual and I think its a mixture of these 3 products working their magic!!

So that is todays blog on my mini haul and review of a few lush skincare items, I hope you all enjoyed! I know I am for sure going to repurchase all of these, and in bigger sizes too!

Do you have any lush products you can recommend? Its hard to know what to y as I don’t want to spend my money on something that isn’t worth it if you get what I mean so I would love to hear your thoughts/reviews on these products! 🙂

I also wanted to add, thank you all so much for reading my blog, and leaving really nice comments! I reply to all my comments and love replying 🙂

Stay tuned & stay cool,
Danielle xxxx

Christmas Makeup Haul & Review!

Christmas Makeup Haul & Review!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! 

Im so sorry I haven’t made a post in so long, but I am finally back! I have been so busy recently; finished my first year of university, passing my exams and being accepted back for my second year of university this year, and I have also been working a tonne to support my shopping addiction! Hehe! But today I’m going to be doing a haul of all the makeup products that I got for christmas!

I am so super excited for this blog post and I really hope you all enjoy it!
So for christmas I really wanted to get makeup products that I have never tried before and from a new brand so that I can just try out new things and explore really!
I knew I wanted more Tarte makeup items as soon as I brought my mascara in August of 2016, so for christmas I chose to get the tartelette in bloom palette, the tartiest contour palette, and the tartiest mascara. I also got the Benefit eyebrow kit in “Bigger & bolder brows.” And OMG now I wonder how I even lived without these products before!!! So I have decided that along with photos I’m also going to give a full and honest review of these products too!

Tartelette in bloom eyeshadow palette:

This palette is literally everything you would want and more in an eyeshadow palette! It is quite small and compact which I love because it will make travel super easy! Taste have designed this palette in a way where you are given enough colours to make 3 eye looks, 1 look per row giving a shimmer shade in each row which I love! I am a massive fan of shimmer shades myself so I knew as soon as I swatched these I would be in love with this palette! I can honestly say that for the past few weeks all I have been using to create eyeshadow looks is this palette! The pigmentation, is to say the least, incredible. I have never owned a palette, whether it be drugstore or high end, that has had both mattes and shimmer shades both be a massive hit with me. This palette has all 12 shades at a high quality. The shimmer shades have little to no fall out, and the matte ones are the best mattes I have seen being buttery and smooth without feeling chalky or hard to blend.

The packaging is also something that drew me to this palette, I mean how beautiful is it?! I also wanted to mention that the full size mirror across the top of the palette is incredible and very useful! I thought i would also say that I have been using ‘charmer’ as an all over lid colour and brow bone colour as a base, then moving into ‘smart pants’, ‘sweetheart’ and ‘rebel’ as crease colours, and the I have been loving ‘funny girl’ as a lid colour. I still need to play around with this palette though and make some super cool darker looks and more sultry looks too as the colour scheme gives so much to play with!

Tartiest contour palette:

This palette was one that I saw on the website, but to me personally was a product that I would want to ask for someone else to buy me and not put my money into it because I wasn’t sure on the shades that were in it or what the quality would be like. Boy was I wrong! I have never owned a palette that has had a corrected, contour, blush and highlight all in one, so I was drawn to this palette for this very reason. I use contour shade 3 for myself personally as I am quite far, and I am amazed at the pigment! One pat with my brush and there is enough pigment for me to apply to my face! And that is one pat, not even a swipe! It is also very buttery but very smooth and bendable, and you can also build up your contour without it looking cakey or muddy which is definitely a bonus! As for the correcting colour, I mainly use this underneath my eyes, as I’m not sure where else to put it, but it works for me. I think tonight I will have to look up reviews of this palette to see where other people are putting that. Number 5 in the palette is ‘accentuate’ which is basically a blush. This is quite a dark blush compared to other blushes that I own, and I was nervous for this considering that I have fair skin! But it is easily build able and it gives me just enough rosiness on my cheeks without me looking like a full blown clown!
Now I have to be honest with the highlight shades; I was a little disappointed to begin with. The pigmentation isn’t what I thought it would be doing finger swatches, and the colours were a bit odd to me. But after using them, by swirling them with my brush and mixing them together, they give just the perfect amount of glow to the skin to wear as an everyday highlight if you are looking for something nice and subtle, which I like because a lot of highlighters these days are “wham!” in your face. But I also like that too! So a win win I say.
This packaging is gorgeous with gold and black details, very appealing. And it is also very sturdy and quite heavy suggesting good quality right off the bat.

Tartiest mascara: 
After getting my Tarte ‘Lights camera lashes’ mascara in August 2016 I knew I needed to try another one out! I chose ‘Tartiest’ because I was drawn to the applicator which is like a plastic wand instead of having any fibres or anything like the other taste one I own does. This mascara actually ended up being my most favourite one out of all my mascaras, beating the Too Faced ‘better than sex’ that we all rave about. It separates my lashes without them feeling heavy or too sparse which often happened with my other mascaras. And the volume: OMG! Incredible! The length is something that I love too as I love having long lashes and it is my most favourite part of my makeup routine, and a part I cannot live without. Lets just say that this mascara is my new holey grail thats for sure!

Benefit brow kit “Bigger & bolder brows”:
I’ve jumped n the bandwagon and been ‘all about brows’ lately, and although I love my NYX cake powder for my brows, I wanted to try and find something else that I would also love. I decided to grab a benefit brow kit that they are now coming out with so I got the “Bigger and bolder brows” one. It comes with ‘Ka-Brow’, ‘Ready set brow’, ‘High brow’, and a stencil holder. To be fair, I got this palette because I wanted to try out the ‘Ka-Brow’, and thought that I may as well have gotten the kit to try out the other products too. Ready set brow, is a brow setting gel and if I’m honest once again, not something that I would have got on its own if it wasn’t for this kit. But I love it! The applicator is super funky and actually really well designed! It stinks my brows in place literally all day too! Have been using this since I got it and I really do think I would repurchase it again after it runs out!
‘Ka-Brow’ is a cream gel product, and I have never used a cream product on my brows which is why I wanted to give it a go, and I LOVE IT! the applicator is super small which I actually personally like because I like to be very precise with my brows and having a small brush definitely helps with this. A little goes a long way with this product, and even though Ive been using it basically every day for a few weeks now, Ive hardly made a dent! they have also filled the product right up to the top, so I know its going to last a while!
High brow is something I’ve never used, and though I haven’t used it everyday, I do like to use it more so when I think I’m having a ‘good brow day’ as it accentuates my brows and gives a bit of glow to them too. The only thin in this kit that I don’t use nor see myself using is the sentcils, but its a great added bonus to put in and I can see it helping a lot of people and being easy to use too!

So there you have it girls! Thats the makeup products that I got for christmas 2016! I can honestly say that I recommend all these products to you all, which is great because I usually find each time I order multiple products theres always at least one product, or shadow etc that I don’t like!
I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did writing it! What did you all get for christmas? Let me know!
Keep ready for my next post, I am having so much fun writing it!

Stay cool & stay tuned,
Danielle xxxx

Life Update!

Life Update!

Hi guys!

Sorry I have been so absent from blogging recently! I have just completed my first year of university and am now sitting exams! I had an exam this morning, and I have 3 more including another one tomorrow morning so wish me luck! Hehe. So yeah, i have just been super busy with studying and uni work that blogging hasn’t been an option lately.

But I’m back and I’m planning to blog way more now that I am finished uni for the year.
If you guys have any questions about uni in New Zealand, or uni in general; any study tips I may have I am definitely keen to answer! 🙂

Aside from uni work, I have been doing a lot of DIY room decor, and buying heaps of new room decor recently, and I am planning a blog post on all the new cute things around my room. If you are interested in seeing that leave a like or comment letting me know and I’ll get onto it asap!

I have also purchased more makeup products, and am keen to do lots of reviews and my thoughts on the products, if they are worth the money, etc!

So yeah! That is basically my little update for you all. Sorry I have been so MIA recently, but now that I have finished uni my blogs will be more up to speed!
If you have any suggestions for future blog posts that I could do, or questions about me or my uni experience so far just leave me a comment and let me know! I reply to all my comments 🙂

Stay cool & stay tuned,
Danielle xxxx




First off, thank you so much for 80 followers! Its unbelievable!! When I first started my blog all I wanted to do was just be able to write about things that I enjoy whether it be lifestyle, beauty, makeup, fitness, anything really, and I never thought that I would have 20 followers let alone 80! So thank you so much!

Anyways today I wanted to do the 20 random facts about me tag just to switch things up a bit and so you guys can feel like you know more about me than just about the makeup I love!

Here we go….

  1. I live in New Zealand
  2. I am currently in my first year of university, scary! Hehe
  3. I am 19 years old
  4. If I could choose to go to a destination of my choice it would be Hawaii or Greece!
  5. I live at home with my family, student life lol
  6. I have a part time just that I have had for 3 years and 10 months!
  7. I am a family girl, my family always comes first
  8. I used to want to become a youtuber, and maybe I still do, but I think that I am just too nervous to put myself out there which is part of the reason I wanted to expand myself and create a blog.
  9. I set high expectations for myself and my integrity
  10. I have a cute lil Shitzu puppy!
  11. I have never been stung by a bee
  12. Nor am I allergic to anything (that I know of)
  13. I have been playing netball since I was year 3 which is around 7/8 years old, and I love it!
  14. I love the summer time in the winter, and love winter in summer.
  15. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and almost 4 months.
  16. I have 13 cousins, and 5 second cousins.
  17. I love having a big family, it makes birthdays, christmas, and family gatherings so super fun!
  18. I have my own car which I love, its so cute!
  19. I have had my license for around 3 years now and my restricted license for 2 and a half years but I am far too lazy to get my full license! Gaaaah someone give me some inspo to get it!!
  20. I am a clean freak, I love for my room to always look neat and clean and put together, my Mum always used to say to me “clean room, clean mind”, this is too true! Leave the house with your bed made and you’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished everything for the day!

Thanks for reading my 20 pretty random facts! I wanna know where you guys are from! Its so weird knowing I could have followers from all over the world! Hehe, comment and tell me!

Stay cool & stay tuned,
Danielle xxxx